Announcing Our New Album!

Michelle's mixed media artwork was made with alcohol ink, photography, assemblage and graphic design. Jim Carter (our recording engineer's brother) did the astro photography background.  

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Music Rules the World can be found on amazon music, apple music, spotify, youtube and soon will be on bandcamp where you can support the band more directly. Thanks for listening!

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Music Rules the World is here!

This album has political overtones in the language of music. Politics have been a big part of our current times. As musicians, we have the gift to be able to yell, scream, dream, love through our music. You won't hear any controversial political noise. Just feelings we have channeled.
As it became safe to rehearse during the 2020 Covid pandemic, Dan Gildea, Michelle and Ben Medler (& Bootsy dog) met weekly to compose, jam and rehearse new tunes, concepts and sounds. We added Jason Palmer to the band, his drumming brings exciting textures, huge fills and grooves! Please enjoy!

'Don’t Talk Smack! Watch your back! Don’t be Wack!' When Bootsy hears this song, he tilts his head, sometimes he sings along! He really likes how the guitar travels between the right and left speaker! Check it out in some headphones!


Wednesday, February 21, 2024 2024 Biamp Portland Jazz Festival presents: Michelle Medler Quartet at the AC Hotel Downtown
888 Southwest 3rd Avenue PDX
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Wedding in the Woods!

We enjoyed playing in the Columbia Gorge this summer. Weddings in the woods are the best! Congrats to the beautiful couple!