"We aren't big Jazz fans, but we listened to the entire album on our ride home. It was relaxing, yet upbeat. Very enjoyable!" ~Christina
Michelle composted the songs, created the artwork & was a main producer for this project!

Pink Sky Podcast #1

A live version of title track, Pink Sky with in depth band interviews. Host Ben Snacks Turner and guest CC Dog.

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New Album in the Works!

As it became safe to rehearse during the pandemic, Dan, Michelle and Ben met weekly to compose, jam and rehearse new tunes, concepts and sounds. The results will be on our next album. The deadline isn't clear, but the next album is in the works!

Buy the Album

Pink Sky is available for download or streaming on the major music hubs such as itunes, spotify & CDBaby.

CC Dog rehearses for mommy's podcast of Pink Sky! Get your cute fix here!

Wedding in the Woods!

We enjoyed playing in the Columbia Gorge this summer. Weddings in the woods are the best! Congrats to the beautiful couple!


Coming Back to Life!
2021 Biamp PDX Jazz Festival presents: Michelle Medler Trio “Live at The Nines”. The trio was the only live act at this year's Jazz Festival! It was amazing to play in public after a year in quarantine followed by an amazing meal at the Nines! Thanks PDXJazz!